We take each install seriously and strive to deliver the quickest and most reliable service in Las Vegas.


You must contact our office to cancel your order before it has been scheduled by an installer. Otherwise you will not receive a refund. There are no exceptions.

If you are not 100% satisfied with our service, you have 1 business day after sign post installation to contact our office so we are able to resolve the issue or credit your account for the cost of the installation.


Pay for all services upon completion; this service agreement serves as authorization for Red Rock Sign Post to process your credit card for payment of installation and post maintenance.

Reimburse Red Rock Sign Post for:

Any damaged, lost or stolen rental equipment

Fines resulting from incorrect placement of a post, as directed or moved by the property owner or agent

Fees from utility companies for damaged lines, if customer did not Call 811 to confirm location of utilities prior to installation.
Facilitate the recovery of signs, posts and components

Obtain authorization from appropriate entity when covenants or associations govern a community in which a property is located
Provide detailed, accurate and complete instructions for installation, including:
Address, parcel number, cross streets, map coordinates (as information is available)Site markers for installation location
Telephone number on realtor sign
Billing telephone number

It is Red Rock Sign Post policy that only employees remove or install our rented equipment.


Install and remove sign posts as soon as possible from receipt of service request.  (Orders must be submitted prior to 5:00 p.m. for “next business day service”.)
Follow all instructions from the customer as to location of placement, with regard for all ordinances and regulations.

In the event of sprinkler line damage, Red Rock Sign Post will make every attempt to repair the damage. If the damage is immediately observed by the installer, the repair will be made on the spot. If the damage is reported within 72 hours, an installer will return to the address to make repairs. Red Rock Sign Post does not accept responsibility for the cost of repairs if not given reasonable notice and time to remedy the situation.

Manage and provide storage for realtor signs prior to installation. In the case of loss prior to installation, provide compensation by replacing with a sign of comparable value.

In such case that a customer breaches the agreement, or Red Rock Sign Post determines continued equipment rental would pose a risk of equipment loss, Red Rock Sign Post shall terminate the service contract, remove all rented equipment from any/all properties of said customer, and return signage belonging to that customer.