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Marketing for Success in the Las Vegas Real Estate Industry

When you’re a real estate agent, or marketing your own for sale, you know that advertising is a key piece of the success of your transaction. And as an agent or broker, your successful transactions determine the success of your overall business. That’s why one of your biggest business investments should be marketing and advertising your listings to make sure they get maximum exposure to other agents and potential home buyers.

Get Your Sign Post Noticed

If you’re in the real estate industry, you no doubt know that marketing your listings with attractive, high quality signs and stable, weather-withstanding sign posts can go a long way to get the attention and exposure you want. But if you’ve never designed a real estate sign, you may be unsure where to start. The following tips can help you make sure that your marketing stands out from the crowd – and draw the kind of attention to your listing that you’re after.

Choose great color combinations

The best real estate signs include strong color combinations. For the greatest impact, keep your combination simple but choose at least two colors other than white. To effectively market your brand along with your listing, make sure that the sign complements your personal brand and your other marketing materials – especially those for this particular listing.

Refer buyers to a website

Your potential buyers will be more likely to peruse a website to get more information on your listing than to actually give you a call. A website is a non-threatening way to offer buyers more information on (and photographs of) the home. Include the URL on the sign so your customers can instantly get this information.

Use Borders

It may seem simple, but using dark, distinct borders can help you draw potential buyers’ eyes to the most relevant information on the sign. This could be your contact information, for example.

Use Quality Sign Posts

If you want to know what won’t get much marketing attention, it’s signs that are fallen, collapsed or shredded by the wind or weather. No matter how you design your sign, make sure that you use the highest quality, stable sign posts available. Passersby won’t know your listing is for sale if the sign is face down in the grass.

Be Unique

While your real estate marketing signs should be simple and easy to read, they should also be unique enough to garner some attention. This could be anything from the graphic design of your sign to the information you choose to highlight. Whatever you choose to do, be unique!


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