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Marketing for Success in the Las Vegas Real Estate Industry

When you’re a real estate agent, or marketing your own for sale, you know that advertising is a key piece of the success of your transaction. And as an agent or broker, your successful transactions determine the success of your overall business. That’s why one of your biggest business investments should be marketing and advertising your listings to make sure they get maximum exposure to other agents and potential home buyers.

Online Marketing

These days, home buyers are doing more and more home shopping online. In fact, statistics show that almost all first-time home buyers have at least perused listings online. Keeping this in mind, you need to make sure that your online photos and descriptions really stand out from the crowd. Investing in quality, professional photography can make a huge difference in soliciting interest in your listing. Not to mention that once you have those photographs, you can create beautiful flyers to distribute at showings, open houses, or in a flyer box on your Las Vegas real estate marketing sign post.

Open Houses

Open houses are the perfect way to get potential buyers to see your listing without feeling intimidated or pressured to buy. Arranging your open house isn’t a piece of cake, though. Coordinating with the owners to make sure that the house is clean, uncluttered and unoccupied for the day can be a lot of work in itself. Plus you’ll want to make sure that you have collateral – like beautiful brochures and flyers – on hand during the event. Of course, you’ll also want to advertise your open house. A Las Vegas marketing sign post in the yard with an “Open House” sign can be a good way to encourage passersby to take a peek inside.

Real Estate Marketing Signs

It may seem old fashioned, but good old organic, on-site advertising can do wonders for your listing. Make sure you always have a high-quality marketing sign post in the yard of any listing. These signs can include quick facts about the home – like the square footage, number of bedrooms, etc., or even include flyers that passersby can quickly take and peruse. For any listing, make sure that a marketing sign post is part of your real estate marketing strategy.


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